Cabinet Gallery offers both Residential and Commercial design, cabinetry and installation.  We take pride in our versatility, which allows us to serve our clients with a broad range of ideas, materials and experiences.

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Meals & memories are made here. ❤⁠
Shiloh Cabinetry⁠
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Fun facts: Cabinet Gallery's design team consists of designers & design assistants. ⁠
We have a commercial division which includes design & manufacturing.⁠
There are install teams for both residential projects & commercial projects. ⁠
We have a dedicated logistics team for product warehousing & delivery to clients.⁠
We have 3 locations, headquarters /shop/warehouse (Woonsocket, RI) & our 2 design showrooms located in Woonsocket, RI & Hopkinton, MA. ⁠
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Reminder: The kitchen is the heart of the home❤.⁠
Do you love yours?
Sometimes past clients get stuck & don’t know who to call for help.  Fortunately, we have some really sweet clients who make it a pleasure to pay them a favor.  Our clients from many years ago needed a microwave replaced and had nobody to turn to.  Assuming Cabinet Gallery is not the appliance company, they probably wouldn’t have time to help either, but they were pleasantly surprised that #davethecabinetguy remembered them, knew he could help & showed up.  That’s what we do at Cabinet Gallery. #Dosomethingkindtoday.  #loveourclients #thepowerofkindness #helpingoutourclients #kitchendesign